Workplace Design Conference 2024 will Reveal Workplace Strategies to Support Business Transformation

Workplace Strategies to Support Your Business Transformation


Can service organizations learn from manufacturing companies and vice versa? We think they can.

New Trends

Many new products, industrial or service products, and even consumer goods will likely go the way phones and cars have. They will become part of our digital experience.

New Mindset

These breakthrough solutions will be rooted in data, software, and connectivity. But disruptive ideas require a different mindset, and mindset change can only happen in a favorable environment and with time.

New Work Environments

Manufacturing champions have learned a lot from the tech giants, including the fact that more innovation happens if you bring the right people together. Physically. Many have gone a step further and have designed next-generation workspaces.


Join us on October 3, 2024, in person or online, at the 7th edition of the Workplace Design Conference. You will learn how leading manufacturing and service companies, in Slovenia and globally, drive innovation and use high-performance work environments to do so.  

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All about Performance

Workplace Design Conference is all about business success and the well-being of your people.

If you’re considering a workplace renovation, relocation, or a complete company transformation, this event is for you. It’s for business leaders on all levels, company professionals, and industry practitioners.  

Start a process of positive change in your organization by attending WDC24. In-person or online.

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