Kragelj’s modern architecture is a powerful, sustainable backbone, providing a visually appealing and productive environment for work, rest, study and play. We demand much of construction and believe a building should alter the day-to-day mindset of its users, bringing them comfort and health and adding real value to its owners.

Kragelj builds with future economic and financial benefits in mind, focusing on the broader, total cost of ownership strategy instead of the narrower and riskier first costs approach. A well-designed, high performance building should pay for itself through various tangible and intangible benefits for its users and owners.

Good architecture is inspirational, above all. A pleasure to look at it and a pleasure to be in.

Workplace Design

A well-designed workspace is key in helping employees work smarter and harder and fall in love with what they do. In a high-performance workplace people contribute their share to the success of their organization.

We help our clients discover how they can use their space better, getting the best possible response from their employees. We will add value in all stages of your workplace change project and will work hard to deliver the ultimate goal: a collaborative work environment that supports your strategic business goals.

In the first phase of the project (Research & Analysis), we assess the needs of your organization. At the end of the second phase (Project Implementation) we conduct a post-occupancy evaluation, then compare survey results with the pre-occupancy metrics, and thus measure the level of success of the project, including the potential increase in employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Turnkey Construction

Turnkey construction is one of Kragelj’s core services. This expertise makes the life of future property owners significantly easier and simpler.

Kragelj team handles every aspect of the project from start to finish. Clients don’t have to take an active role in the project (apart from defining project goals and scope). Typical turnkey clients are already very busy, so this efficient approach to construction projects can be a big advantage for them.

Once the project is completed, inspected, and fine-tuned, the client, which is now the owner of the new property, receives the keys and can start using their property immediately.

Almost half of Kragelj projects are now turnkey projects.


Kragelj offers several consulting services, such as research-based workplace analysis appropriate for larger organizations, consulting-based workplace analysis which is suitable for smaller, less complex organizations, pre- and post-occupancy evaluations, workplace and sustainable architecture research and other services customized to your needs.

The core of our services is an in-depth, rigorous analysis which supports planning and design efforts and which results in a high-performance workplace or office building.

A well-designed, high-performance workplace enables desired workplace behaviours which in turn lead to desired business outcomes, such as increased individual and team performance, enhanced job satisfaction, and lower operational costs.

With our two core services, the Workplace Potential Analysis and the Green Architecture Benefits Analysis, we collect both quantitative and qualitative data, helping you make smarter decisions during your workplace, construction and change management projects.

Interior Design

Kragelj works to create healthy, safe, flexible and visually appealing interiors, such as retail spaces, offices, schools, hotels, and homes, that promote happiness, interaction, and collaboration. Feeling part of a team, be it a family or a business, is important, but having room to breathe is equally so.

Our spaces are crafted with both individual and collaborative working in mind. As a result of design changes, your business can expect increased team and individual productivity, lower absenteeism and sick leave rates, and improvement in other key performance indicators. Retail spaces, such as stores, shops, and bank branches can expect higher sales, more repeat visits, and stronger staff loyalty.

With beautiful interiors surrounding your employees, customers, students, or tenants, we can help you achieve your goals and build a prosperous future.

Brand Design

We see your brand with fresh, creative eyes, and pair this with qualitative and quantitative analysis data. Our understanding of your company goals, strategies, needs, and culture, alongside our understanding of the marketplace, is difficult to achieve outside of our strategy.

A team of experienced designers uses graphics and images to draw an effective ”punch” of visual brand identity, workplace signage, multi-product branding, and social media branding, sending a strong, electrifying story to the world. You are not your competitors and your customers need to learn why.

We further assist you in effective and branded communication with every facet of your audience: from your internal staff, to your customers, to your partners and suppliers, to your stakeholders and owners, along with the general public.

Product Design

Unique, visually appealing, and original product designs are the Kragelj way. We hone and create innovative products for all needs, including business gifts throughout the year, end-of-the-year presents for your employees and partners, and anything else your heart desires. We work wonderfully in all materials, but nothing suits our designers’ eyes and hands more than wood.

We design furniture and other workplace items for workplace or interior design projects, creating a unique, pleasurable, and beautiful environment that’s suited to your particular needs and expectations. After our initial meeting and a thorough needs assessment, nobody has the key to your particular, pleasing aesthetic like Kragelj.


Our consistent dedication to sustainability is pervasive across every decision we make. Kragelj designs buildings and spaces which save energy and water and other non-renewable resources. We advocate for reuse or re-purpose of existing buildings, rather than opting for a from-the-ground-up, greenfield construction.

Whenever possible Kragelj uses certified sustainable materials, whose life cycle, from the salvaging of materials, to manufacturing, to transportation, to use, to decomposition, is environmentally friendly, without harm to humans or animals.

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