About Kragelj

Kragelj is a multinational team of architects and consultants specializing in workplace design and sustainable architecture. We help organizations improve business performance by optimizing their work environment.

What We Do

Team’s expertise spans across building and interior design, property planning, organizational development, workplace wellness, project management and change management. We plan, manage and deliver green architecture and workplace transformation projects, tailored to our clients needs and circumstances.
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Increase Productivity of Your People With a Smarter Workplace Design.

Workspaces have a strong influence on internal corporate culture, on employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as on attrition and sick leave rates. Enter your email below and read about strategies to enhance your company’s performance in this free guide …
This document is aimed specifically at company executives and managers, at people responsible for strategic development of their organizations, workplace specialists, real estate and facility managers, HR and marketing managers as well as heads of technical and IT sectors.

How to increase productivity and financial performance with a smarter workplace design?

What are the mistakes you need to avoid?

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