Multi-purpose space for receptions, exhibitions and other business and educational events

TPV Showroom


project overview

TPV Group, a global leader in supplying high-end automotive parts, had a 190m2 showroom that needed an overhaul. They needed a functional space that reflected their values and their commitment to certain aspects of the industry. It was to be a space that hosted small events and showcased the essential elements of TPV in a modern and effective way.

project GOALS

TPV had very specific goals about what their space had to achieve. It had to be contemporary, showcase their products and processes and contain reflections of their history, their present, and their future vision in the automotive industry. The space had to have a multi-purpose function that could host dignitaries and high-end clients from companies like BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce. There also had to include certain fundamentals like a space for storage, an unobtrusive spot for an interpreter, and seating for 20 clients. TPV’s guidelines and project goals were clear, decisive, and very precise about what the space should accomplish.

How It Began

Kragelj immediately called to mind the design elements that would evoke luxury, affluence, efficiency, and trust. Our desire was to create a space that didn’t just showcase their products, but incorporated them as a part of the room’s function and design. We wanted to create effective flow and only use products and materials that would highlight the company’s direction and focus. Questions arose as to how best to use the room to meet the needs of a multi-functional space that could entertain, showcase their products, and educate their clients. How could we include every goal as part of a comprehensive design that TPV would approve?

the Challenges

The first challenge was the space itself. It was a large space that could feel barren unless we treated it well. It requires careful planning and layout to utilise a space like that. The next challenge was coming up with design elements that could meet all the requirements of TPV without using unnecessary space. At first, some of the requirements seemed at odds with each other, a modern atmosphere with remnants of the past. Because TPV Group is an established and reputable development supplier to high-end cars, we had to design a space that would meet the needs of this class of client. TPV’s focus is on car accessories that are quality-built and efficiently incorporated into the client’s vehicles. That same focus had to shine through in our choices for colour, room design, and showcased products. Nothing could be out of place. Everything had to be carefully coordinated and relevant to the goals laid out by TPV.

our Solutions

Our solutions were to include key elements of TPV Group’s products as part of the design itself. The clean, angular lines create a positive flow through the room while the small auditorium is perfect for hosting high-end clients and showcasing future designs and products. The lighting, the large open windows, even the colour palette was all meticulously chosen to create the feeling of quality and modernism. A section of the room is dedicated to demonstrating and highlighting the past and present products that TPV has successfully developed. The artwork and design was chosen to highlight the efficiency and lean processes that elevate TPV’s standing in the industry. The space was left open to allow natural light to enter all areas of the showroom. Few corners were incorporated into the design to reflect the openness and transparency of TPV to their clients.

the Results

TPV was overwhelmed with what we created. They loved the way that Kragelj was able to meet and exceed all the requirements while keeping the showroom open and spacious. TPV Group felt that the space very clearly reflected their core beliefs and values, and that this would be a showroom that they would be proud to use for years to come. High-end clients and dignitaries from ministries and state visits would all feel welcome in this showroom.


Overall, the results were exemplary. This was a challenging request that taxed our resources and our creativity. TPV had very clear ideas about how this space could highlight their company to their clients. They were able to effectively communicate their goals and we, in turn, could create a room that exceeded those requirements.

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