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We have become a proud partner of CER - Partnership for Sustainable Economy of Slovenia

We have joined the partnership for a sustainable economy CER – Sustainable Business Network Slovenia!

At Kragelj we support a sustainable and green economic recovery, so we joined the partnership of the Center for Energy Efficient Solutions. We promote a climate-neutral and circular economy and we believe that our activities must contribute to reducing the consumption of natural resources, emissions and waste and must be more energy efficient.

We look forward to the co-creation of a new economic ecosystem based on the use of green technologies, innovation and new business models.


The mission and vision of CER

The CER’s mission is to promote an innovative climate-neutral circular economy and green technologies * that respond to environmental and energy challenges.

CER’s vision is for Slovenia to become a hub for the development of green technologies of the future.


CER activities are:

  • promoting tools to promote the green economy and green technologies (innovation, business models, finance, regulatory environment, taxes, incentives, impact measurement),
  • cooperation, integration, openness, distributivity in the development of green technologies (integration of different sectors, industries, actors, competitors and partners)
  • raising awareness of the positive, multiplier effects of the green economy (health, knowledge, education, green jobs, equity, GDP growth, security, the future),
  • promoting Slovenian knowledge, scientific achievements, technological breakthroughs in the field of green technologies,
  • global networking and internationalization

* Green technologies are defined as services, products and processes that reduce the consumption of energy and materials, reduce and eliminate waste and emissions, increase the use of clean energy and are more energy efficient.

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