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September 30, 2021 Rikli Balance Hotel, Bled, Slovenia

The Workplace Design Conference is Central Europe’s leading conference on workplaces that maximize individual, team and business performance.

The conference dives deep into creating physical and virtual work environments that contribute to improved engagement, collaboration, innovation and productivity.

This full-day, experience-based event is held annually in Slovenia, now at the prestigious Brdo Congress Center. It attracts an international audience and features a wide range of expert speakers.

Who can benefit from attending

Any decision maker and service provider involved in creating a new workplace or upgrading an existing space can benefit from attending this event. We have an international audience of forward-thinking leaders and experts who strive to create high-performance work environments and are eager to learn about people, places, and the future of work.

The conference attracts Business Leaders and Decision Makers responsible for the strategic development of their organizations, along with

Thank you very much for everything. The presentations were very useful and thought-provoking, and the organization of the conference was excellent.
Peter Razpotnik, Finance Director, Loterija Slovenije d.d.

Why this conference came to life

The conference was born through the partnership of Kragelj and Dr. Nigel Oseland (Workplace Strategist, Change Manager & Environmental Psychologist, Director of Workplace Unlimited, UK).

Kragelj team, led by Alenka Kragelj Eržen, has been successfully collaborating with Nigel on workplace transformation projects since 2012. We always find it rewarding to work together, as we are all fascinated by how the physical environment can influence human behavior and performance, and are passionate about putting people at the center of workplace design.

In 2017 we saw a need to spread the knowledge about strategic workplace design in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. We founded this conference to give decision makers the knowledge to create smarter work environments – spaces that act as vehicles for business success.

Alenka and Nigel are also regular speakers at the annual conference.

I got a number of ideas on how to make our people at A1 feel better and more productive. Satisfaction with the work environment definitely leads to more creativity and innovation.

Ana Špec Brezovar, HR Expert, A1 Slovenija

A 360-degree view of workplace change

Each year, the conference features a mix of returning and new presenters from a wide range of domains. Past speakers have included experts in workplace design, business strategy and management, brand development, information technology, user experience, human resources, workplace culture, wellbeing, and project management.

The conference aims to provide a 360-degree view of workplace design and implementation. Our goal is to prepare participants to make informed decisions at all phases of a change project, even when encountering unusual or unexpected situations.

Our experienced speakers discuss theoretical research insights as well as real-life learnings, including case studies of projects with different objectives and challenges. The program always touches on current trends and burning issues, such as agile working or open-plan environments. The presentations are intended to bring clarity by separating myths from facts and pointing out common mistakes as well as opportunities.

The multi-disciplinary environment has proven to be a fertile ground for eye-opening discussions. Some of the most valuable insights often emerge from open conversations in the room and on the social media channels of the conference. Everyone is encouraged to participate, and to ask deep, thought-provoking questions.

This was a GREAT conference! You could easily tell that people were eager to learn; a few hands were always up, taking photos of slides. Myself included. 🙂

Luka Milković,
Business Manager, Steelcase Hungary & Adriatics

Why attend

The Workplace Design Conference has evolved into the leading event in this field in Central Eastern Europe and beyond. It attracts hundreds of participants and a growing number or exhibitors and sponsors.

The conference has the reputation of offering proven and practical answers to complex questions. Attendees often tell us that they have learned more than they expected. People leave the conference ready to create positive change in their workplaces and practices. They are confident that with smart strategies, businesses , people and the environment will all benefit.

A well-designed, future-ready workplace means improved engagement, wellbeing and employee experience. It means more effective communication, collaboration and innovation. And it means increased bottom line, along with quick returns on investment.

At the Workplace Design Conference, all of these benefits and more are discussed. We explore measures of success which are most relevant in today’s fast-changing landscape of work.

I learned about the importance of creating a work environment that fosters employee engagement and innovation. Which is essential for any company’s success.

Dr Katarina Katja Mihelič,
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics

Sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities

We offer sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities to businesses whose products or services meet the needs of our audiences.

Sponsors and exhibitors are promoted before, during and after the event, through a variety of marketing channels. We also assist them in maximizing their investment, by employing an analytical approach and presenting them with key statistics about the audience.

At the event, the prestigious exhibition space provides high visibility for our partners. Sponsors and exhibitors are able to showcase their brand and connect with their target market.

Through face-to-face interactions, they can build connected relationships with organizational leaders and decision makers who are looking to invest in their workplaces and are keen to maintain a competitive edge.

For information on sponsorships and exhibiting opportunities, please first visit Workplace Design Expo webpage.

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An immersive experience

The Workplace Design Conference is an engaging, interactive event, and the venue is an important part of the experience. The Brdo Congress Center is a state-of-the art, multi-award winning facility, designed to support wellbeing, enhance communication and maximize learning.

The building, surrounded by protected natural habitat, has stunning views, ample daylight, and a low environmental footprint. The rooms are equipped with flexible furniture and first-class multimedia technology.

This intelligently designed, human-centric facility provides the perfect environment to learn about spaces that benefit people, businesses and the environment.

I was very pleased with the conference topics and how the speakers presented them in a simple and practical way.

Gorazd Golob, Business Development Manager, GANTNER Electronic Austria

Combine business travel with pleasure

The Workplace Design Conference offers a variety of leisure programs for attendees and their guests. In addition, the Brdo Estate presents ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. Some of Slovenia’s top natural, cultural and historical attractions are also within easy reach.

Although Slovenia is a small country, it has a lot to offer. It’s also worth getting to know its residents. Slovenians certainly know a thing or two about finding the perfect balance between work and life. In a 2020 research report, Ljubljana was named the 2nd least burned-out cities worldwide.

If you are in or around Slovenia and want to know all about workplace design and modern working practices, then this is the conference for you.

What’s included

The conference comprises a full day of informative presentations and panel discussions, in conjunction with the Technology & Business Expo, which is held in the exhibition area of the center.

The event offers plenty of opportunities to network in an inspired and friendly atmosphere. Our participants find it valuable to be able to exchange experiences and build relationships with other organizational leaders, decision makers, service providers and suppliers.

The Workplace Design Conference is a catered event.

For those who are unable to attend the conference in person, virtual participation is available via live-streaming and online conversations.

We would love to see you being a part of this year’s event, hearing your perspectives, and showing you how you can create a high-performance environment for your teams or clients.

Please visit to find out more and to secure your spot.

September 30, 2021 Rikli Balance Hotel, Bled, Slovenia

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