Sparkasse Workplace for a Successful Future


“When you believe in yourself, you believe in the future” is the mindset of Sparkasse Bank. Determined to provide employees with excellent working spaces, the company has embarked on a new chapter of hybrid working. In addition to emerging ways of working, they want to support a culture of openness and connectedness, emphasizing collaboration. Sparkasse decided to completely renovate all areas of the bank’s headquarters, including affiliated companies in the Sparkasse Group, to ensure visual coherence.

The important renovation objective is to create a flexible and multifunctional workplace, with adjustable elements that allow one type of workspace to be used in various ways. It will be the workplace that will adapt to changing teams, support the creation of ad-hoc teams, and provide space for the arrival of new team members. Modern approaches to office design thoughtfully combine different types of working, and efficient use of space, and ensure that employees are comfortable working individually and as a team.

Effective hybrid working is directly dependent on the use of advanced technology, which will be complemented by different concepts of working to achieve the best results. Whether it is work that requires focus, collaboration with others, learning, or relaxed socializing. Employees will decide where, when, and how to work or carry out a group project.

The right workplace design makes work less stressful and more productive. The quality of work is influenced by the feeling of well-being, which will be ensured in the new spaces through ergonomic design, excellent acoustics, natural light, and a variety of workstations.

The new image of the organization’s headquarters will be a powerful branding tool. All incorporated elements, concepts, and colors will reflect the values and principles of the Sparkasse brand. The entire building, including the associated companies, will be visually connected by several small passageways, natural light, and multifunctional squares for unplanned creative interactions.

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