SIP Experience Center


The SIP Experience Center (EC) will be a contemporary and prestigious business and exhibition space at the company headquarters in Šempeter v Savinjski Dolini. Several buildings will be connected in a complex that also includes their production, R&D, and administration functions. There will also be a trendy company restaurant.

The EC will host SIP business partners from around the globe. It will be the main training center for distributors and key accounts, as well as the main training center for service engineers.

An important purpose of the EC will be to host business meetings with current and potential strategic customers and partners, as well as local and international business associates. The EC will be equipped for multimedia presentations at the highest level and will create an impressive business atmosphere with its concept, architecture, and design.

The SIP Experience Center’s strategic goal is to integrate SIP into its local area in a contemporary and friendly way through its inclusive architecture. It will also consolidate existing business ties and develop new opportunities.

The EC will express the basic values of the SIP brand, indirectly strengthen brand awareness in Slovenia and abroad, and demonstrate the quality of products and services from a company that is headquartered in Slovenia.

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