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Design Upgrade to

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A company that invents sustainable solutions for a greener future of their clients and communities had reinvented itself and redesigned its home office in Ljubljana to support their ambitious expansion plans.


When Resalta changed its name from GGE, the company wanted to do more than redesign its brand. The management wanted to acknowledge its incredible growth and adopt a new brand identity to match it. For Resalta to attract top talent from the energy field, it needed workspaces that looked the part and its current offices weren’t up to the task.


Initially, management went looking at other buildings. Perhaps the solution would be to move elsewhere, grow into their new environment and launch the Resalta brand in the new location? Resalta wanted Kragelj to assess its needs, look at some spaces available in Ljubljana and evaluate the options.
After a research of potential business locations and a cost-benefit analysis, the project team presented their findings to the Board. Based on this presentation, Resalta’s management team decided to remain in their old offices. Other options required a significantly higher commitment of time and money, plus Resalta had realized that their existing offices held a lot of potential with the right design approach.


The design team sat down with Resalta team to get a sense of not just their workspace, but their business strategy, their vision, and their corporate culture. Resalta explained how their rebranding had shifted the focus from only energy efficiency to take into account their ambitions in renewable energy sources. They wanted to expand their medium-sized business into multiple teams of experts in every field related to their new markets, as well as expand to new markets.



Our company was founded in 2011, and grew faster in many ways than we had anticipated. With lots of work, hunting for new real estate or focusing on improving our offices was not always a top priority. Once it became apparent that this was a very important thing we had to do, we went looking for a reliable partner to help us through the process. Kragelj delivered time and time again, and we are very lucky to have had them working with us on this project.


One of Resalta’s main challenges to achieving strategic goals was the state of their workplace. They worked in a set of offices that was designed for several small businesses, not one company. There were two main sections, and getting from one to the other was time-consuming. There were separate entrances, and that created a natural rift in the company. Employees could not freely communicate, there were no large meeting rooms, no conference areas, and no common spaces for employees to gather and relax. It had to be a major change. Resalta hired Kragelj to complete the rebranding project by renovating their offices to reflect who they are now.

Alenka Kragelj Eržen


Resalta approached us with their vision and explained how they intend to get there. They were very open and incredibly supportive. The result is a corporate workplace which is tailored to their needs.
This was going to be a big project. The first thing we did was separate the construction into two Phases. This would accomplish two things. First, we could focus on one task at a time. Second, we wouldn’t cause any major disruption to Resalta’s workflow. Phase 1 was to tear down the walls and offices that separated the two areas. We wanted to immediately change the atmosphere of the company, and the most obvious way was to remove the obstacles to communication and free movement between sections. This was the larger of the two phases, and construction went smoothly. The tear-down and rebuild is now complete. We demolished the central offices and the walls that kept the company divided. We constructed a pathway system to join the two sides. We also designed a functional and prominent conference room for large meetings. A refurbished kitchen and lobby were included as a part of the Phase 1 build.


We also painted the new sections to match the brand colours of Resalta, dark blues, greens, and blacks. We also changed the motif to reflect the engineering side of the business, metal accents and simple, clean lines. Bright open spaces now welcome you in instead of feeling you are compartmentalized and separate from your team. We removed doors and walls, installed glass partitions, and created open rooms for free flow and movement.

ankica barbulov


Kragelj took the time to get to know Resalta, our specific requirements and the needs of our team – and the results are great! I think when you visit our offices now, this is immediately obvious. The space carries in it our brand identity, it is open, airy and comfortable and allows our team members to work flexibly – which is really important for a young team.

Phase 2 will begin shortly and will accomplish the remaining tasks of creating individual work zones as well as common spaces for employees to gather and mingle. There will also be smaller conference rooms for use by specific teams. This was a smaller phase, which allowed Resalta to fully utilize their workspace for what they intend for their future.


Resalta’s team members have been thrilled with the results of the first phase of workplace redesign and are eagerly anticipating the completion of the workspace that will reflect their brand, vision, and goals. As the company is planning to expand the office will serve as an added draw for young dynamic talent from around the region.

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