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With more than 120 employees and 70 years of tradition, Lokve is the leading manufacturer of wooden and wood-alu windows in Croatia. With its production facilities the internationally present company is located at the heart of the Gorski Kotar forests, with a total covered area of 15,000 m2, spread over 70,000 m2 of land. With the expected high growth of employees and the desire to optimize internal operations, the company decided to build a new administration building.

The concept of a new architectural building expresses the company’s personality and supports its know-how, which is rooted in a long tradition. The building’s back-to-back location against a high natural wall, surrounded by stone and raised ground, will give the new building a high backdrop and quick access to the production facilities on the other side. The multi-storey building will be dressed in a façade with vertical wood-colored lines, blending seamlessly into the surrounding forests of Gorski Kotar. External glass surfaces will let abundant daylight into the interior, allowing employees to feel good and work efficiently.

Upon entering the building, visitors will discover the company’s main products, which are elegantly set in a timeless metallic constellation. A gallery that will open through all three floors will connect the interior of the building, adding a sense of airiness. Open glass surfaces combined with light wood will alternate with the calm tones of the interior, creating a pleasant working environment.

The concept of the new workplace is based on a preliminary analysis of the existing situation and the needs of all departments. The individual floors will ensure an optimized placement of departments and promote inter-departmental interactions. In addition to common spaces for meetings, socializing, and collaboration, employees will be able to focus on individual work in bright and functional offices. The flexible design of the workspaces will support the growth of employees, as well as promote efficiency, productivity, and connection.

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