Flexible and vibrant workspace for an international trade and engineering group

Impakta Workplace Design Project


project overview

Kragelj was hired to design a new office for Impakta in the upper floor of a recently built office building in southwest Ljubljana, responding to Impakta’s vision to create a flexible, vibrant, and productive workspace for the international trade and engineering group of companies.

Impakta’s decision to move their offices to smaller yet brand new and modern workspaces in their own commercial complex Imparo, originated with their holding and sister companies’ gradual downsizing. With relocation, they could bring their daughter companies under a single roof for lower costs and better synergies, whilst fuelling a collaborative and modern layout for enhanced business performance.

Our workplace design portfolio, including Si.mobil, KMAG and British School of Ljubljana, along with our rigorous project management approach, inspired Impakta to proceed with the plan. As usual with workplace design projects we proposed a set measurable qualitative and quantitative business goals and post-construction outcomes.

Impakta’s old offices became too big and too expensive, also tired and uninspiring, hindering communication and team work in increasingly confusing and cluttered workspaces. Kragelj envisioned a visually appealing and elegant space at the new location in spite of a tight budget and a short deadline. The end result was a simple yet efficient and elegant co-working space to be used by several companies and their teams.

During the project, which spanned just 45 days and was performed on time and on budget, Kragelj created spaces for a collaborative and productive environment, with open views to green Ljubljana Marshes from most shared spaces and many individual workstations. This, along with glass walls for both privacy and transparency, promoted plenty of natural light and better workplace health.

Spaces with shared functionality, along with lounges for impromptu or scheduled meetings, allowed us to save space and decrease costs. Furniture and fittings were made with high quality materials and products, including Rex King chairs, HAY tables and Gan Rugs.

The Impakta Workplace Design Project was met with success. Leadership reported positive employee feedback, better communication and lower operational costs. In addition, Impakta started to receive increased inquiries for renting office space in their building, partly a result of increased publicity the project received in the media and my being included in the Open Houses Slovenia selection.

Impakta new workplace also inspired others companies, including Grey Slovenia, to seek out Kragelj’s professional consultation.

Kragelj was nominated for the Office Interior of the Year award for Impakta workplace design project.

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