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GenePlanet's new home


GenePlanet has the answer.

Heard of them?

GenePlanet is a research and development company.  An innovative, digital business focusing on preventative healthcare.

The company helps you understand your genetic profile through DNA testing.  What’s more, they give you personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice so that you can live a longer and healthier life.

What more we could ask for, right?

GenePlanet is on a bold mission and our new workplace is the perfect tool to  support our success.

Marko Bitenc

Founder & CEO
“Happy and healthy employees are the company’s biggest asset.”

GenePlanet was established in 2008 by Marko Bitenc.  He had a bold mission: to assist in creating a better and healthier life for everyone.

And what a journey this has been!

Over the past years, GenePlanet has become a key player in the industry – a standout leader in Europe and a serious player globally.

The company is currently present in 30 countries and employs 200 people worldwide.

"They’ve been thriving in a highly competitive  biotech business environment."

their code for success?

GenePlanet employs talented and savvy people who are drawn to exciting discoveries like magnets.

They set huge goals, move quickly, and tackle challenges with a determined spirit.

Having an awesome team to work with is of course a great start.

But here’s their secret weapon.

GenePlanet’s leaders know exactly how to bring out the best in their people.

They constantly improve their work practices and invest in an environment that breeds success.

In 2019, CEO Marko Bitenc decided it was time to create a new home for the company.  He hired Kragelj Architects to design the office interiors.

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the story in a nutshell.

The design process has been all about innovation, personalization, and using data intelligently to create a better workplace.

After all, this is how GenePlanet does business.  Period.

The new workplace precisely fits the needs of @GenePlanet... giving a serious boost to our productivity and creativity!

In the new workspace, every detail is tailored  to amplify the company’s core values:

Bold business strategy

Exciting workplace culture

Great experiences

True professionalism

Agility and speed

"This looks simply stunning.
 I would work here in a heartbeat 💓

@Biljana Čenić

Well done, congratulations!
  BTW, the pics are great,
but from the inside,
it feels even better. 😊

@Gabriel Dielacher
Angel Investor, Strategic Advisor



GenePlanet is growing and evolving rapidly.

Like many other digital businesses, they operate in a fast-changing environment. But their core values are robust: innovative, cutting edge, professional, smart, appealing and trustworthy.

And when it comes to values, they shouldn’t be just empty text on a wall.

Nailing this is critical.

Your people need a workplace that reflects the DNA of your business.  In a work
environment that feels right, people will simply do the right thing.

Your people need
a workplace
that reflects the DNA
of your business.

The old office was becoming too small for the fast-growing teams.  In addition, they didn’t facilitate effective work or reflect GenePlanet’s character.

That’s all in the past now.

GenePlanet’s new home speaks volumes about the company.  When you look around, you immediately get a sense of the energy of the business and how it operates.

And this isn’t all about image.  It’s about connecting people with a purpose.

The space says it loud and clear…

“We know no obstacles when it comes to creating a better quality of life for our customers and our people.”

Silvana Rodriguez Acuña

Head of Operations

When your workplace reflects your company values and brand it tells people what they can expect when working for you or partnering with you.

At the heart of the office, you can’t miss the large, glossy slide.

Does it look like a gimmick to you?

Well, it’s far from it.  Here’s why.

The slide represents GenePlanet’s character.  It’s all about speed, energy and enthusiasm.

To succeed at GenePlanet, you need to move fast.  You need to explore new, innovative pathways.  Once you’re on a mission, there’s no turning back.

And what else does a fast-growing business need?

Space for expansion.

The new office is smart and flexible enough to support GenePlanet’s growth for at least the next three years.

@Kragelj Architects did a fantastic job by capturing our team spirit and making our dream a reality.

Something else happens when your workplace reflects your company values and brand…

It speaks about your business without words.  It tells people what they can expect when partnering or working with you.

It helps you attract and retain the exact kind of employees, clients and partners you want.  As simple as that.

GenePlanet’s leaders are confident that after more and more visitors seeing the new space, inquiries and new business will increase.

The design process has been all about innovation, personalization, and using data intelligently to create a better workplace.


Exciting workplace culture

You can’t see it.  You can’t touch it.  

Still, it defines what work looks and feels like in your business.

Yes, we’re talking about workplace culture.  The ‘X Factor’ of your business …

In a great culture, people simply work better as a team.  And what happens when they complement each other’s strengths?

They move mountains together.

The trick is, you can’t just copy other companies’ cultures.

First, you need to know what’s special about your team.  And second, you must figure out how to channel all that goodness into creating workplace magic.

"Want to move mountains?
Create a great culture where
people complement
each other's strengths."

GenePlanet is a curious young team.  The brightest minds in the industry who take their jobs very seriously.

At the same time, they love to play and have fun.

As you’ve probably experienced, workplaces can either inspire and support you, or suck the soul right out of you.

Now, check out the videos and LinkedIn comments on this page.  Does the new workplace capture GenePlanet’s unique culture?

You bet!

Nastja Kočevar Deplanque

Business Assistant

Interiors are organized and functional, worthy of a business in medical science.  Yet, the space is cheerful and welcoming.  It feels a lot like a true home for this company.

Cool and classic features are combined throughout the whole space.  A simple solution, but so right for this business.

You can sit on traditional chairs, sofas or bean bags.  You see elegant timber surfaces, raw concrete ceilings and colorful acoustic panels.

And as you walk around, your eyes are drawn to that enthralling slide in the middle of it all.  Wouldn’t it be fun to take a ride?

Damn nice office space!

@Tomaž Mrevlje
Rebel and Bird, Stockholm

Here's a quick workplace test. Try it out!

Look around in your office when no-one else is there, and see if the space still feels alive.

Do you get a sense of the personalities who work there?  And does the space reflect the characters of the people you’d like to invite to your team?

If you don’t mind us saying, we think GenePlanet’s new workplace passes this test.  With distinction. 😉

Does your workplace reflect
the characters of the people
  you'd like to invite
in your  team? 

"Look around in your office when no-one else is there, and see if the space still feels alive."

Well done, Marko!

@Peter Collins
Chief Business Officer @Inivata



GenePlanet’s mission is inspiring: to improve the quality of life.

How do they do this?  By helping people maintain good health and high energy.
Now, you’ve probably come across companies that treat their clients better than their employees.

Let’s be clear: this is not one of those businesses.  Which made the project so much easier.

GenePlanet genuinely cares about their people.  Their health and wellbeing are top priorities.

In a work environment
that feels right,
 people will simply
do the right thing.

As the team grew, the old offices became increasingly uncomfortable.

No doubt, these would be a concern for any business.

But we’re talking about health and wellbeing experts.  

And as you can imagine, working in such cramped spaces was particularly painful for them.

It was time to move.

The new office?  Night and day!

Lovro Vidmar

Head of Product Development – Genetics

Positive changes? Here are just a few of them.

Put simply, in GenePlanet’s new workplace, everyone is looked after extremely well.

You know what it feels like.  When you’re healthy and energized, you can really tap into your inner genius.

No wonder more and more top talent is looking to join the GenePlanet family.

The promise is real.

If you’re ready to change lives and have an amazing time along the way, you’re in the best place.


True professionalism

Playful and professional – an oxymoron?

You be the judge.

In the field of medical science – as you’d certainly appreciate – strict security is essential.  Employees need to be highly organized and disciplined.

But this shouldn’t get in the way of nurturing a great culture.

So how can you make sure your employees follow the rules, without ruining all the fun?  Here’s the secret.

Create an environment where people feel motivated to live up to a high standard.  Where responsible behavior comes natural to them.

When your people
are healthy and energized,
they can really tap
into their inner genius.

Go upstream.  Address any potential problems before they occur, rather than treating the symptoms.

Well, this is exactly what GenePlanet does best when it comes to human health.  But this time, the company applied this powerful philosophy to create a better workplace.  Genius!

Instead of policing people, it’s much more effective – and certainly more fun – to create a space that invites the right actions and attitudes.

So how can workplace design shape behaviors?  Let’s have a look…

Address any potential problems before they occur, rather than treating the symptoms.

GenePlanet’s new workplace is elegant.  In this fine space, the ambitious teams naturally feel motivated to do great work.

They keep the space clean and tidy, and also pay more attention to each other.  Not because they feel they have to, but because they want to.  Yay!

And let’s not forget…

In a professional environment, people have a better sense of when to be grown-ups and when to be laid back.  Such an important skill.

Nina Lenko

Brand Manager

Security and privacy are also maximized.  All meeting rooms and chat rooms are soundproofed, along with the call center.  Confidential information is kept safe.

Clients can only walk through the office when escorted by an employee.  They can still enjoy the space, but without the risk of them seeing and hearing things they shouldn’t.

Isn’t it straightforward?

The design makes it easy for everyone to act responsibly.  And do they feel that they’ve lost any of their freedom?  Just the opposite!


Agility and speed

GenePlanet is a fast-moving organization.  To work productively, members need to be available for each other practically all the time.

You know what it’s like…

When you have a question, you don’t want to wait for hours or days to get an answer.  And when you have an idea, you want to get instant feedback.

This is real-time communication.

In a well-designed workplace,  there are abundant opportunities  for ad hoc, impromptu interactions.

And you might be surprised how much good stuff can also come out of ‘accidents’: bumping into colleagues and overhearing conversations.

This is how teammates learn from each other and become better at their jobs. And this is how lots of game-changing innovations start.

In a well-designed workplace, serendipitous interactions are abundant.  People can also easily find each other when they need to.

Sadly, offices that actively obstruct communication are all too common.  Do you know what we’re talking about?

"Bumping into colleagues
unplanned is how lots of
innovations start."

Sara Nunič Klun


And here’s a shrewd strategy.

During the research phase of the project, we found that in certain departments, members thrive on stimulation.  In others, most people prefer a quiet, distraction-free environment.

In case you wonder… ’quiet’ folk still talk to others, they just approach work differently.

So we developed the design to support all different types of personalities.  After all, in a great workplace, everyone should feel at home.

Brilliant!  A wonderful place
to unleash your creativity. 😊

@Nataša Jeza Kotnik
Marketing Manager, Tourist Agency Sonček – TUI

The menu of spaces is long.

You can get together with your mates in the meeting room, chat room or social pod.  You may explore fresh ideas together on the outdoor deck.

The large cafeteria, which is also used for company get-togethers, is a great place for a social catch up.

Do you sometimes want to get away from the hustle and bustle, and just concentrate or relax?  No problem, the peaceful quiet room is waiting for you.

That’s what’s so great about working in such a diverse workspace:

Boris Gorišek

Sales Director

A winning team

GenePlanet and Kragelj may look like two different businesses.  

Until you look closer…

Did we face challenges?

You bet we did, but we always kept our eyes on the big goal.

As it’s usually the case, the challenges helped us dig deeper and think outside the box, and led to many innovative strategic and design solutions.

Bottom line?

All this has been achieved through the most cost-effective solutions.

Every element of the design, every product and system functions well, and adds value to the business for the lowest possible price.

At the end of September 2020, GenePlanet’s Ljubljana teams moved into the new office.

The feedback has been truly positive.

Bravo, Alenka Kragelj Eržen.
 You're the best! 👏

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