Si.mobil Makes a Dramatic Leap in Rebranding as A1 Slovenija

Progressive mobile operator Si.mobil is poised for incredible growth as they take on the brand name of Telekom Austria, A1 Slovenia. The rebranding is a strategic shift, which will change the dynamic of the company, without altering customer and business partner contracts. At this time, Si.mobil has 30.5% share on the Slovenian market and is the second largest provider of mobile broadband services. We at Kragelj are excited for this new era for A1 Slovenia and look forward to future collaboration to enhance the next chapter’s success. In previous years, Kragelj has overhauledtheir 4,000 m2 headquarter building with a dramatic workplace redesign, altering organizational structures to fuel employee efficiency and productivity. Kragelj also redesigned their retail stores, finding new ways to stay relevant for their large user base. Goodbye Si.mobil. Welcome A1 Slovenija!

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