Anetta Pizag

Chief Workplace Consultant

Anetta is a workplace design consultant and researcher, specialized in creating positive work environments that are aligned with the purpose and the culture of the organization, support health and wellbeing, and allow people to perform to their potential.

Anetta understands people, places and performance and has training and experience in architecture, building engineering, evidence-based design research, sick building syndrome, psychology and business leadership.

Before founding her design consultancy, Anetta worked in Europe, New Zealand and Australia as an architect and environmental consultant, and observed that many workplaces conform to an old concept of an ‘office’ which is no longer relevant today.

Anetta believes that the right environment can bring out the best in us and redefine our relationship with work. Her mission is to transform businesses from groups that come together to make a living into thriving work communities that deliver outstanding results.

Her recently published book ‘Create a Thriving Workspace’ presents a simple framework and a comprehensive range of practical and powerful design tools.

Anetta runs her workplace consultancy firm PIZAG, based in Melbourne, Australia, and collaborates with Kragelj on workplace design and strategy projects in Europe.

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